Drone Oregon State University
April 09, 2013
Agricultural researchers of the Oregon State University will begin testing two small, remote-controlled aircraft this month, flying them over potato fields in the Hermiston area in trials that may help farmers use water, fertilizer and pesticides more ...
 Miedema HMI GPS Planting Comfort
December 16, 2012
The HMI (Human Machine Interface) terminal is a familiar feature on many Miedema machines. For several years now the colourful control panel has formed the basis of the user-friendly control system for machines such as the MB 33 and 55 box fillers, ML ...
November 12, 2012
Agrometius highlights solutions for precision agriculture at the Interpom | Primeurs 2012
 World potato Congres 2012
March 01, 2012
Satellite technology developed during the cold war is set to deliver state-of-the-art crop monitoring systems to help growers improve agronomy and drive up profits. Although the technology dates back several decades, its capabilities for remote sensing...
Frito-lay wants to run the chips factory on water extracted from the potato
May 26, 2010
Food giant PepsiCo has come up with a novel way to cut its water consumption - by extracting it from potatoes and recycling it.