Made for sorting potatoes by the grower: the new TOMRA 3A improves on the FPS
September 06, 2019
TOMRA Sorting Food has introduced the TOMRA 3A sensor-based sorting machine for freshly harvested root crops, offering potato growers unrivalled sorting capabilities, dependability, and affordability.
Getting to the Root of Food Safety in the Potato Industry
July 30, 2019
Sensor-based sorter manufacturer TOMRA offers their insights on the impact of sorting technology on food safety in the Potato Processing Industry
Cómo las empresas de alimentos pueden aumentar sus márgenes y reducir sus riesgos
September 06, 2018
¿Qué es más importante para las empresas alimentarias, la calidad y la seguridad o la cantidad? Existe un claro consenso entre los productores de alimentos, empaquetadores y procesadores: la calidad es crucial.
Quality vs quantity? How food businesses can increase margins and reduce risk
June 26, 2018
What matters more for food businesses, quality and safety or quantity? But does food quality and safety and food quantity have to be opposing factors, so that as output increases quality suffers?
PEI Potato Solutions receives government support as the company invests in the latest sorting equipment
January 21, 2018
The Government of Canada supports the investment in a Sherlock Separator potato sorter by RWL Holdings LTD (PEI Potato Solutions), a potato washing and sorting facility to optimize potatoes for processing prior to delivery to Cavendish Farms.
Foreign Object Removal in potato processing: TOMRA 5A removes 98+% of foreign materials after washing and peeling
October 01, 2017
With worldwide demand for potato products continuing to grow, TOMRA Sorting Food is supporting potato processors by launching an enhanced sorting solution which removes more than 98 percent of all typical foreign objects found in product streams after washing and peeling.
Halifax Police: Unclear if needle came from potatoes
November 29, 2016
After further investigation of the food tampering report of this weekend, Halifax Police concluded it can not be determined where the needle originated. This additional reporting caused a sigh of relieve among Canadian Potato Packers.
New Potato Tampering Incident in Halifax linked to Prince Edward Island Potatoes
November 27, 2016
Earlier today, the Halifax Regional Police announced they received a report of a needle being found in potatoes at a home in Halifax, NS Canada.
Cross out Contamination
July 18, 2016
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 600 million people – almost 10 per cent of the global population – fall ill after eating contaminated food.
Gillenkirch installs potato washing and sorting plant for Rollo Bay Holdings
March 06, 2016
German Machine manufacturer Gillenkirch installed a high quality & hygienic plant for handling potatoes at Rollo Bay Holdings on Prince Edward Island, Canada.