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How Pepsico's shift towards healthier snack options plays out in Thailand

How Pepsico's shift towards healthier snacks plays out in Thailand

July 07, 2018
As PepsiCo Food is shifting towards healthier options in Thailand, the company aims to make its multigrain snack Sunbites a trademark healthy snack brand among Thais.
Bakery products in Taiwan; Many bakery products still contain trans fats

Taiwan to ban trans fat in processed food

September 13, 2015
In Taiwan, the Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health and Welfare is taking steps to remove artificial trans fat from Taiwan’s food supply chain.
Sunflower oil

Cargill acquires sunflower oil brand Sweekar

March 28, 2011
Cargill announced that it signed an agreement with Marico Ltd. to acquire its refined sunflower oil brand Sweekar.


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