potato psyllid
October 18, 2013
New research has been funded through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, to help the potato industry reduce issues caused by an insect intruder – the tomato-potato psyllid.
 Potato Cyst Nematode
September 11, 2013
Victorian potato growers will face fewer quarantine restrictions when selling their potatoes interstate.
August 25, 2013
Avoid bruising at potato harvest by managing moisture levels pre-desiccation is the advice from Hutchinsons Root Crop Technical manager, Darryl Shailes.
 Late blight on a potato leaf
August 21, 2013
Although late blight has been confirmed in 12% of Wisconsin’s counties, growers took aggressive action to control the disease and are predicting full yields and high quality potatoes of all varieties this season.
Potato Psyllid Trapping and Management - Focus on Potato webcast
August 21, 2013
This webcast by the Plant Management Network on Potato Psyllids, responsible for the transfer of the Zebra chip disease consists of two parts:
 Late blight
August 13, 2013
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development warns Alberta growers and gardeners for the risk of late blight.
 Potato Psyllid
August 07, 2013
About the same number of potato psyllids have been caught on sticky traps in Idaho fields this season as by this time last summer, but far fewer of the tiny, winged insects have tested positive for the Liberibacter bacterium, which causes the crop dise...
 Potatoes growing on prince edward island
August 02, 2013
There has not been a single case of late blight reported on Prince Edward Island's potato crop this year, a situation agriculture officials are calling unusual.
 potato fields in the andes
July 31, 2013
The Guatemalan potato moth is wreaking havoc in potato crops in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Control measures exist, but are toxic or financially out of reach. Now there's a promising alternative: a biopesticide based on a virus that infects the mo...
 Fernando Bravo Almonacid
July 28, 2013
A team of Argentinian scientists led by Fernando Bravo Almonacid, independent researcher of CONICET at the Institute for Research on Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology (INGEBI, CONICET-UBA), developed potato plants resistant to Potato Virus Y (P...