United States Department of Agriculture | Agricultural Marketing Service
September 17, 2015
USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is changing the name of the Fruit and Vegetable Program to the Specialty Crops Program effective immediately. Because of the expansion of products covered, the program name is being changed to be more inclusive.
Potato and Onion Retailers in Assam arrested for charging more than the legal limit
September 09, 2015
In the Indian State of Assam ten onion- and potato retailers have been arrested because they charged a price for their vegetables above the legal limit.
Potato Prices in Mongolia increase 21% in the last three weeks
August 13, 2015
Potato Prices in Mongolia spike as the country switches to the new potato crop.
Jordan willing to regulate potato prices
July 22, 2015
The Secretary General of the Jordanian Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, Yousef Shammali, stressed the importance of a commitment from all relevant authorities to enforce proper rules governing the functioning of the potato market in order to prevent price distortions.
Rwanda potato farmers in Nyabbihu ready to take the produce to the market (Courtesy: The New Times)
July 19, 2015
In Rwanda, a new potato wholesale market in the capital Kigali and collection centres in areas where potatoes are grown are part of a plan to modernize the value supply chain for the potato crop.
Large Russets in Idaho in short supply
May 24, 2015
Wada Farms is currently planting next year’s crop. While potatoes from last season are still plentiful in the market and there is no issue with supply, large-sized Russet potatoes will be short in Idaho until new crop comes on.
Potato harvest 2014 in Turkey (Courtesy: Ahmet Songur)
May 11, 2015
Speculation has arisen that Turkey may soon begin to purchase cheaper potatoes from its neighbor Iran.
Colin Barnett, premier of Western Australia
April 20, 2015
The Premier of Western Australia, Colin Bartlett, reportedly told The West Australian that it was time for rules that dictated the varieties, quantities and price of potatoes grown in Western Australia - and the Potato Marketing Corporation - to go.
Idaho potato growers accept slight price cut in processing contracts
April 12, 2015
Southern Idaho Potato Cooperative growers have agreed to a contract that slightly reduces potato prices but requires processors to accept at least 90 percent of their 2014 acreages with individual farms.
Potato Council publishes annual market intelligence report on GB potatoes
March 29, 2015
Late last week, the Potato Council published its annual GB Potatoes Market Intelligence report, wrapping up all key information about the GB potato market in order to inform decision-making and provide answers for common questions about the industry.