Potato company Bruwier: “Price for processing varieties will not fluctuate much till spring”
December 18, 2016
Jan van Luchene of Bruwier Potatoes, a Belgian company specialized in acquiring and delivering the potatoes you need offers his view of the current potato market in Belgium and Europe.
High Potato Prices in Mumbai are a great opportunity for Gujarat farmers.
November 10, 2016
Despite a fresh crop arriving at the wholesale market in Vashi (Mumbai area), retail prices of potatoes show no decline
Nedato: 'Tight potato market after busy harvesting period'
November 06, 2016
Although the drought in the Netherlands resulted in very challenging harvesting circumstances, by now the potatoes have practically all been harvested. Heero Gramsma, Managing Director of Nedato reflects...
Due to the late potato harvest the NEPG delays publication yield estimates till late November
October 30, 2016
As a result of the late potato harvest in the North-western European countries (BE, DE, FR, NL, UK), the potato growers organisation NEPG has decided to postpone publication of its annual yield estimates till the third week of November.
As Australia is facing a potato shortage, prices rise.
October 30, 2016
Australia is experiencing a potato shortage because of flood-effected potato crops in the southern states.
Door late aardappeloogst is de publicate van de NEPG oogstverwachting uitgesteld tot November
October 27, 2016
Als gevolg van de late aardappeloogst in alle NEPG landen (BE, DE, FR, NL, UK) is besloten om de bekend making van de officiële NEPG oogstverwachting cijfers uit te stellen naar de derde week november.
Unusual market dynamics in Northern-European potato trade
October 26, 2016
Currency and supply dynamics are affecting the relative price of British processing potatoes compared to supplies from Belgium and the Netherlands.
Potato Prices in south Africa set to spike
October 25, 2016
The price of potatoes in South Africa is expected to increase in the next four weeks – and there is a chance of even more hikes in December.
Market Basket Survey: US Food prices down 8% compared to last year, but potatoes slightly more expensive
September 29, 2016
Lower retail prices for several foods, including eggs, whole milk, cheddar cheese, chicken breast, sirloin tip roast and ground chuck resulted in a decrease in the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Fall Harvest Marketbasket Survey. However, potato prices were up slightly.
Potato Processors Kenya initiate contract farming to deal with shortage of potatoes for processing
September 09, 2016
In a sign of a maturing market, two potato processing companies in Kenya - Tropical Heat - a snack manufacturer - and Sereni Fries said they will sign contracts with growers to supply 600 tonnes of potatoes every month in order to assure their supply of potatoes suitable for processing.