Struggling Potato Growers in Kenya turn to Contract Farming
January 14, 2018
To deal with climate pressures, potato growers in Kenya are turning to contract farming to earn more money and get better seed.
Potato Prices in south Africa set to spike
October 25, 2016
The price of potatoes in South Africa is expected to increase in the next four weeks – and there is a chance of even more hikes in December.
Potato Processors Kenya initiate contract farming to deal with shortage of potatoes for processing
September 09, 2016
In a sign of a maturing market, two potato processing companies in Kenya - Tropical Heat - a snack manufacturer - and Sereni Fries said they will sign contracts with growers to supply 600 tonnes of potatoes every month in order to assure their supply of potatoes suitable for processing.
Opening Potato Processing plant adds value for farmers in Rwanda
March 11, 2016
In Rwanda a new potato processing plant was opened, with the capacity to produce four potato products; chips, french fries, whole peeled potato, and whole cleaned potatoes for sale to super markets and schools.
Drought in South Africa pushes potato prices to the highest level ever
February 07, 2016
Drought and hot conditions since September 2015 have a negative impact on yields in almost all the potato production regions in South Africa. Currently market prices are at the highest levels ever, while potato stock levels are at record low levels.
Rwanda potato farmers in Nyabbihu ready to take the produce to the market (Courtesy: The New Times)
July 19, 2015
In Rwanda, a new potato wholesale market in the capital Kigali and collection centres in areas where potatoes are grown are part of a plan to modernize the value supply chain for the potato crop.
Potato Cultivation in Algeria
March 22, 2015
The Algerian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abdelouahab Nouri, has announced a programme to tackle the problem of soaring potato prices, consisting in the adoption of a new marketing strategy to connect producers and consumers directly.
Potato Fields in Rwanda (Courtesy ICRA, 2004)
October 23, 2014
Rwanda potato farmers have decried the low farm-gate prices currently being offered by dealers.
April 24, 2012
Over the past two weeks, the price of potatoes in Algeria tripled from 40 to 120 dinars as snow coverage has affected crops and speculators have exploited the situation.