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Longest ever starch potato processing campaign: AGRANA processed a record quantity of 322,000 metric tons of starch potatoes in 189 days

AGRANA processed a record quantity of starch potatoes in its longest campaign ever

March 06, 2021
At the end of February, AGRANA successfully ended its processing of the 2020/2021 potato harvest at its potato starch mill in Gmünd (Lower Austria). With a processing period of 189 days, this was AGRANA's longest ever campaign in Austria.

Agrana successfully completes the 2011|12 sugar beet and potato starch campaigns

January 26, 2012
On 23 January, AGRANA completed the sugar beet campaign at its refinery in Tulln, thereby signalling the successful close of the 2011|12 processing season at all of its facilities.
Agrana potato starch campaign completed: 40,200 tonnes of potato starch produced

Agrana potato starch campaign completed: 40,200 tonnes of potato starch produced

January 26, 2010
During the potato starch campaign at the AGRANA plant in Gmünd, Lower Austria, between 26 August and 15 December 2009, a total of 187,400 tonnes of starch potatoes were processed (prior year: 198,532 tonnes), of which 5,100 tonnes were organic potatoes...

Agrana reports loss for 1H FY09

October 01, 2008
At AGRANA, the international sugar, starch and fruit group, the first half of the 2008|09 financial year was defined by high raw material and energy prices. The resulting decrease in margins, along with one-time expenses for a write- down on apple ju...
Agramna Staerke GmbH

Agrana Potato Starch Campaign 2008 forecasts

September 26, 2008
The potato starch campaign at the AGRANA facility in Gmünd|Lower Austria started on 26 August. Including organic potato starch, this year’s harvest will be around 210,000 tonnes (prior year: 195,000 tonnes), thereby reaching the limit of the contractua...

Agrana: FY09 Operating Profit To Fall Significantly

July 04, 2008
Austrian sugar, starch and processed fruits manufacturer Agrana Beteiligungs-Ag (AGR.VI) Friday said it expects its operating profit in the current fiscal year to decrease significantly on the year, due to persistent cost increases and an unsatisfactor...

Agrana restructure enables revenue increase

January 16, 2008
Austria-based Agrana announced a revenue increase of 3 per cent in its first three quarters, overcoming the challenges of sugar restrictions and weather-induced crop failures. The sugar, starch and fruit preparation company experienced revenue of €1,4...


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