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Potato Virus Y (PVY)

Potato Virus Y (PVY)

New Potato Virus Y strains very difficult to detect with the naked eye
Several newly evolved strains of the disease known as potato virus Y, or PVY, can render potatoes unmarketable and reduce crop yield. What’s worse is the new viruses are particularly difficult to detect with the naked eye.
AUSVEG: Wasp warfare with avid aphid-eating parasites can help prevent resistence
With pesticide resistance rising in species of aphids which feed on potatoes and spread viruses, one of the best control options for growers battling these pests may be found in nature, free of charge: parasitic wasps.
Blemishes of Table Potatoes: Common Biotic Causes
Potato tubers are affected by a number of blemishes, which can cause severe economic losses. This 'Focus on Potato' presentation by Jacquie van der Waals, Professor at the University of Pretoria in South Africa can serve as a guide for growers and others in the potato industry to help with identification of these blemishes.
Quick and early disease detection by drones with hyperspectral camera
Idaho State University researchers have found high-tech cameras mounted on drones flying 60 meters above potato fields can effectively detect individual diseased and stressed plants.
Argentina: Tecnoplant desarrolla cultivares de papa resistentes al virus PVY
Tecnoplant, la división de agrobiotecnología del Grupo Sidus, ha desarrollado cultivares de papa resistentes al ataque de virus que, en la Argentina, pueden provocar mermas de hasta un 70 por ciento en la producción.
Friday, October 2, 2015
La mosca blanca es el mejor vector de uno de los virus que más afecta a la papa
Resumen de la conferencia magistral que sobre el tema se presentó en el XXVI Congreso bienal de la Asociación Latinoamericana de la Papa (ALAP), celebrado en Bogotá entre el 28 de septiembre y el 2 de octubre de 2014.
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Virologist Brenda Coutts has been named the 2014 AUSVEG Researcher of the Year
The West Australian virologist Brenda Coutts has been named the 2014 AUSVEG Researcher of the Year.
Potato pests can vary across Canada’s potato-growing regions. Whether they are new or notorious, their reach and severity depends upon Mother Nature’s whims.
Wednesday, June 20, 2012