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hyperspectral image of potato strips

Key Technology Signs Agreement to Deploy Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) for Potato Processors

July 25, 2013
Key Technology announces that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH and Insort GmbH to deploy Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®), an advanced value-added hyperspectral solution, in Key’s products, further enhancing...
The role of vision in flavor: 'Seeing the flavor of Foods'

The role of vision in flavor: 'Seeing the flavor of Foods'

April 25, 2013
The eyes sometimes have it, beating out the tongue, nose and brain in the emotional and biochemical balloting that determines the taste and allure of food, according to a scientist speaking at the 245th National Meeting &Exposition of the American ...
PEI potato board

Prince Edward Island potato farmers fight rot in storage due to sugar ends

March 14, 2013
Some farmers on P.E.I. are dealing with the problem of potatoes rotting in storage this winter and growers in the western part of the province are especially hard hit.
Idaho potatoes

Idaho Potato growers approve contracts with Simplot, McCain

March 05, 2013
Idaho potato growers at a Monday meeting in Burley approved processing contracts with J.R. Simplot and McCain Foods that both include payment increases averaging 1.6 percent.
hyperspectral imaging key technology

Key Technology unveils its Product Definer - a hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for product analysis

February 14, 2013
Key Technology unveils its new Product Definer, a state-of-the-art instrument, located in its customer visitor center. This proprietary hyperspectral imaging spectrometer helps Key quickly analyze and evaluate new applications and technologies to devel...
La supresión de un gen podría reducir la acumulación de azúcares en las papas almacenadas en frío.

La supresión de un gen podría reducir la acumulación de azúcares en las papas almacenadas en frío

October 15, 2012
Prevenir la actividad de una enzima clave in las papas podría ayudar a aumentar su calidad por medio de reducir la acumulación de azúcares que ocurre cuando las papas se almacenan en frío, según científicos del Servicio de Investigación Agrícola (ARS)....
Agricultural Research Service

Invertase key enzyme in cold-induced sweetening of potatoes

October 15, 2012
Preventing activity of a key enzyme in potatoes could help boost potato quality by putting an end to cold-induced sweetening, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists. Cold-induced sweetening, which occurs when potatoes are put in...

Maine potato farmers anticipate stunted crop

August 31, 2012
Last summer, Maine potato farmers were dealt too much rain, which led to blight and rot. <br><br> This year, the farmers are struggling with the opposite extreme: too little rain, which is stunting the potatoes' growth and will hit farmers' wallets hard this fall.

Australian potato growers fear disease coming in from New Zealand

July 06, 2012
Australia's national vegetable grower group Ausveg says import controls being recommended by Biosecurity Australia fail to protect Australia's potato industry from the threat of disease.

Potato farms sprout in Georgia

June 13, 2012
The US State Georgia is known for its peaches, its poultry, its peanuts and pecans — but not so much for its potatoes. However, at least two farming operations in Decatur County have made potatoes a successful crop.


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