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Frito-Lay Snack Index Reveals Running Out of Snacks is Worse Than Losing the Super Bowl

Frito-Lay Snack Index: Running Out of Snacks is Worse Than Losing the Super Bowl

February 02, 2023
With Super Bowl LVII just around the corner, consumers are looking forward to not only rooting for their teams, but also enjoying their favorite snacks alongside family and friends.
Potatoes in retail

Potato retail sales in the United States on the rise: dollar sales increase 17.2% in Q4 2022

February 02, 2023
Potato retail sales in the United States increased in dollar value by 17.2% but decreased in volume sales by -1.3% from October – December 2022 compared to the same timeframe a year ago.
Dr. Bourlaye Fofana oversees plant growth in the Harrington Research Farm greenhouse on PEI.

Selenium: a booster shot for late blight prevention in potatoes

February 02, 2023
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) scientists have discovered that selenium, a micronutrient and anti-oxidant activates genes in potatoes that boosts the plant's immunity and helps in the prevention of late blight.
Cosecha de papa en Honduras

Honduras: Cosecha de papa mueve la economía en Intibucá

February 01, 2023
El cultivo de papa mueve la economía en sectores de Intibucá, con alta generación de empleos y el aporte hacia la seguridad alimentaria, destacaron productores de la zona.
Herbert OCULUS sorters inspect whole, washed potatoes for surface abnormalities, diseases and more

Cockerill Relies on Key Technology’s Herbert OCULUS Optical Sorters for Whole Potatoes

February 01, 2023
UK Potato packer Cockerill relies on five Herbert OCULUS optical sorters from Key Technology to ensure final product quality.
Heat and Control FastBack 4.0 Horizontal Motion Conveyor

Taking horizontal motion conveying to the next level: FastBack 4.0

February 01, 2023
After more than 25 years and three generations of FastBack, Heat and Control® takes advanced knowledge of horizontal motion conveying to the next level. FastBack 4.0 is the culmination of more 10 years of development and multiple international patents.
Potatoes and Pests – Actionable Science Against Nematodes (nicknamed PAPAS)

USDA SCRI funds new research: potatoes and pests – actionable science against nematodes

February 01, 2023
USDA’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) recently announced funding (USD 6.8M) for Potatoes and Pests – Actionable Science Against Nematodes (nicknamed PAPAS).
Produccion de Papa en Colombia

Así puede prevenir la enfermedad de la punta morada de la papa en sus cultivos

January 31, 2023
En Colombia se siembran aproximadamente 130.000 hectáreas de papa y se producen cerca de 2,8 millones de toneladas al año. Sus cultivos se encuentran principalmente en zona fría entre 2.200 a 3.200 metros sobre el nivel del mar.
Exterior - Mario Tenuta and students

University of Manitoba potato storage facilities get an upgrade as governments invest

January 29, 2023
The governments of Canada and Manitoba are investing CAD 98,970 (USD 74,193) through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) to upgrade the University of Manitoba's Horticulture Storage Facility so it can conduct innovative potato research
Harvest Snaps White Cheddar Baked Green Pea Snacks

Calbee expands its range of Harvest Snaps with a new flavor: White Cheddar

January 29, 2023
Calbee's Harvest Snaps is introducing a righteously cheesy addition to its lineup of veggie snacks: White Cheddar Baked Green Pea Snacks.


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