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Chemical manufacturing plant to keep potatoes from sprouting could go in Ascension

1,4GROUP - a manufacturer of sprout inhibitor for potatoes - considers building a new plant in Louisiana

July 24, 2021
The 1,4GROUP - an Idaho based manufacturer of sprout inhibitor for potatoes - is considering building a $35 million chemical processing plant in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.
Potato Expo 2018 will feature live streaming Potato TV 'The Eye'

Potato Expo 2018 goes live with streaming potato TV 'The Eye'.

September 23, 2017
Potato Expo 2018 announces live streaming Potato TV throughout the event. Voting for the presentations on the Innovation Hub 'Main Stage' is now open.
Nora Olsen, Professor and Extension Potato Specialist at the University of Idaho

Sprout Contol during storage topic of latest Focus on Potato webcast

December 02, 2014
The lastest focus on Potato webcast provides an update on Potato Sprout Control, by Nora Olsen, Professor and Extension Potato Specialist at the University of Idaho
Sprout inhibitor research WSU

EPA Registration for SmartBlock® Sprout inhibitor of American Vanguard

February 11, 2013
American Vanguard Corporation (NYSE:AVD) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, AMVAC Chemical Corporation (AMVAC), has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for SmartBlock®, a novel potato sprout inhibitor.
Nora Olsen

Nora Olsen unearths potato mysteries

September 29, 2011
Because of the research she does on many different issues important to the potato industry, University of Idaho potato specialist Nora Olsen is a rising star. Her work on a new inhibitor that prevents potatoes from sprouting while in storage is the la...

SmartBlock, a new sprout inhibitor for potatoes announced by Amvac Chemical Corporation

June 17, 2010
American Vanguard Corp. (NYSE:AVD) and its subsidiary Amvac Chemical Corporation today announced plans to introduce a new crop protection product that inhibits the growth of sprouts on potatoes.


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