Flo-Mech Flo-Filter® Stack
    The action continues under the fryer hood as the slices move down inside the fryer. In most systems in Europe the oil is heated by an incinerator (such as the Flo-Therm™ heater).
    tna - tna VFFS system robag® FX series
    tna robag® FX series is a vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging solution with speeds up to 250 bags per minute using rotary triple, double, single or flat jaw configurations to package a variety of bag types.
    Dewulf MH 24X Receiving hoppers up to 28 m³
    The Miedema receiving hoppers form the basis for reliable storage. The receiving hopper serves as a buffer and provides the cleaning and, if desired, sorting of your product.
    Dewulf Miedema Structural 4000 planter
    The Miedema Structural 4000 is a mounted or trailed 4-row belt planter that combines extreme planting precision, a high driving speed (up to 11 km/h) and potato-friendliness.
    Flo-Mech Flo-Flavour™ Plus
    The Flo-Flavour™ plus systems have been designed to apply powder and oil (if required) separately to products that do not need a slurry based flavour that soaks in. The systems are used for other snacks products like fried snacks.
    Dewulf PRT Roller table
    The roller table is suitable for the inspection of potatoes and onions. The PRT is a short machine that can be easily integrated in any storage line. The machine has a variable roller speed, whereby the capacity can be increased up to 4-5 tonnes/hour.
    Wyma Roller Inspection Table
    Wyma's Roller Inspection Table conveys produce for manual and visual inspection. Rollers run on a heavy-duty chain around a bed with rubber strips on the top edge.
    tna - Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3
    Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3 is an abrasive peeler that operates in batches, weighing your product, to ensure optimized peeling results from small, medium and large potatoes for the production of potato chips.
    Dewulf R3060 Self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester
    Thanks to a quarter century of unmistakable craftsmanship, the R3060 has become the
    benchmark in the 2-row self-propelled sieving harvester segment. With its modular design,
    the harvester is available in no less than 7 different versions.