Ballreich's Bros Inc is a chips manufacturing company in Ohio, United States.
Conn's Chips is a local producer of traditional chips in Ohio, United States
Grippo's manufactures potato chips and other potato-based snacks.
Hen of the Woods is a manufacturer of kettle-style potato chips based in Ohio, United States
Jones Potato Chips is a family owned potato chips manufacturer in Ohio, US. Jones produces Potato Sticks & Crispy Fries, a ribbon style fried potato product in addition to Potato Chips.
Mike Sell's Potato chip company is a US chips manufacturer with production facilities in Dayton and Indianapolis. Mike Sell's Potato Chips fry their chips in peanut oil.
Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips is a small scale potato chips manufacturer in Springfield, Ohio
Shearer's Foods Inc. is a manufacturer of regular and kettle style potato chips in the United States as well as a range of savory snacks. Shearer's food has manufacturing plants in Ohio and Texas.
The Snack Brigade offers baked, never-fried puffed snacks branded incredipuffs
Wyandot partners with leading and emerging food companies to develop and market exciting plant based snacks.