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Cavendish Farms Jamestown factory closed indefinitely

 Cavendish Farms
The Cavendish Farms Jamestown factory is closed indefinitely after a fire burned in its attic Monday, officials said.

Greg Allen, the plant’s administrative manager, said only part of the plant was damaged and he wants to get it running again soon.

Allen said the fire apparently started near the fryers and mostly affected attic areas. No equipment was significantly damaged, he said.

Officials believe the fire spread to a section of Styrofoam sandwiched between two pieces of steel which hangs below the roof of the building, said fire chief Jim Reuther. The fire moved south to north until a firewall of cinder blocks stopped the blaze from spreading.

Until the plant reopens, Allen said employees were encouraged to contact Job Services and treat the indefinite closure like a temporary layoff.   Additional reporting in the Jamestown Sun on September 3:   The fire broke out in the air emissions control equipment located in the fryer area. Also, the paper quotes Dan Akey, director of operations, saying that there does not appear to be any structural damage to the facilities.
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