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New French Fries at Jack-in-the-box

 Jack in the Box French Fries
French fry connoisseurs are a most discerning sort, perhaps even more so than their wine-tasting counterparts. Whereas wine aficionados practice five basic evaluations – color, swirl, smell, taste and savor – a true fries connoisseur also considers things like crispness, temperature, even freshness.

The culinary experts for Jack in the Box® restaurants have crunched all of these criteria, and more, in creating what they believe to be Jack’s best-ever French fries. Jack in the Box will begin rolling out the new French fries this month.

“Fewer menu items generate more polarizing opinions than French fries,” said Tammy Bailey, division vice president of menu marketing and promotions for Jack in the Box Inc.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from consumers on what they like most about French fries, with flavor, texture and crispness at the top of the list. So we created our new French fries with a crispier outside texture that enhances the potato flavor and helps them retain their temperature.”   On a slightly more technical note (this is PotatoPro after all): One of the secrets behind the new and improved Jack-in-the-Box French Fries is the use of a light potato based coating. The new french fries are supplied by two different french fry manufacturers. Jack in the box previous french fries were un-coated and skin-on.
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