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    Intralox Activated Roller Belt
    Activated Roller Belt
    Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology is a patented, automated conveyance solution that creates new possibilities for system or line layouts. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, ARB equipment enables efficient, gentle
    CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector
    THS/MS21 Metal Detector
    Product demonstrations of the CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector are now available from Heat and Control.
    DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer
    Diversa Cut 2110 A Dicers
    The DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer offers a turnkey approach to processors. Available in 3 different models: DiversaCut 2110A Standard Dicer, NEW DiversaCut 2110A with Conveyor Discharge, and DiversaCut 2110A (LPI) Large Product Input.
    Rosenqvists Multi-Zone French Fry Fryer
    Multi Zone French Fry Fryer
    The Rosenqvists Multi-Zone frying system uses a minimum of oil resulting in high-quality french fry with a longer shelf life. They combine the latest technologies using computer simulation programs and build efficient and reliable process equipment.
    The DryGuard® is an advanced measurement device that collects and combines variables like weight, water content, volume and temperature and calculates the dry matter content of pre-dried French fries and other potato products.
    tna - VFFS rotary polyethylene packaging system robag® FXIS
    VFFS rotary polyethylene packaging system robag® FXIS
    tna robag® FXIS is a solution for packaging applications such as fresh produce and confectionery using polyethylene (PE) film.
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    Kiremko PeelGuard
    The PeelGuard collects data on the peeled product such as size, defects and peel removed and can also optimize the settings of the steampeeler
    Tummers Cutting line De-watering Conveyor Belt
    Cutting line De-watering Conveyor Belt
    Tummers Cutting line De-watering Conveyor Belt is a quiet and vibration-free stainless steel machine is often used in a complete Tummers Food Processing Solutions hydro-cutting line and is an ideal alternative to the traditional drainage-through-vibration method.
    Washing lines for processing fruit and vegetables
    Washing lines
    Tummers offers washers/destoners with a capacity ranging from 5 tonnes/hr to 160 tonnes/hr and continues to develop for more efficiency and better quality.
    Tummers Delta Roller Spreader
    Delta Roller Spreader
    The Tummers Delta Roller Spreader is commonly used to feed potatoes from the outfeed of a screw conveyor to a wide sorter but is suitable for a wide variety of food products.


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