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BayPack Obst offers unique packaging for potatoes

The German Packaging company BayPack Obst developed a unique, customer- and environmentally friendly packaging suitable for the sale and storage of potatoes.

In the search for unique, customer and environmentally friendly packaging, German packaging company, BayPack Obst, developed a new display box around two years ago, for the sale and storage of potatoes and onions.

Frank Krier, BayPack Obst:

"We developed the potato display box two years ago with a special construction which is hand erected. We deliver it flat to our customer, who can easily put it together, fill and seal it, and then send it off to their customers on pallets.”

“Once the boxes are delivered to the trade or wholesalers, there is a small tray which opens up at the front lower half of the box, making it easy to use for the end customer. It is mostly used for potatoes and onions, but we do have a customer in France using the boxes for nuts as well."
The box protects the products, by keeping them dry and dark, which also directly affects the shelf life, along with providing a neat and tidy storage solution for the end customer.

Due to the re-closable design, customers can take as many potatoes or onions they need and then close the front flap to keep the vegetables in good condition until the next use.

Frank Krier:

"It can be offset printed with the customer's design, but it is also possible to buy it from the supplies we have on site, but then it is only available in the German language.”

“We currently supply these primarily to the German market, but we have sold them to the French and Belgian markets as well.”

“We have our own development department where customers can have us design packaging specifically to suit their individual needs.”

“For example, they might want to distribute their new products in a new type of packaging, but might not have their own packaging machine and our products offer them a solution to create their own packaging by hand to distribute their product to the wholesaler."