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HZPC Americas hires Jill Herold as key account manager

HZPC Americas hires Jill Herold as key account manager (Courtesy: KTVQ News)

HZPC Americas announced that the company recently hired Jill Herold as a Key Account Manager. Jill brings over 18 years of experience in technical agronomy in potatoes, corn, soybean and other various crops, including several years focused on sustainability.

She holds a B.S. degree from Colorado State University and is currently serving on several Boards including President‐elect of the Montana Cattle Women’s association.

Jeff Scramlin, President of HZPC Americas Corp:
"We’re thrilled to have Jill join our team. Jill will be leading our commercial activities within the Processing Sector."

"Her ambition to understand customers’ needs and deliver unique solutions, combined with her experience and passion for potatoes make her a natural fit for this position. She’ll be a great role model for our employees and vendors who come in contact with her."
Jill Herold:
"My career has led me to this point, this team and this company. I am very excited to be here."

"HZPC has a breadth and depth of history and potato knowledge leading the industry with superior potato varieties. They embrace creative go‐to‐market strategies with an inviting culture I am happy to be able to contribute to."
The addition of Mrs. Herold brings the HZPC Americas Corp. team to 9 members strategically placed across the U.S. and Canada to support their customers.