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ADRagricola is a company in Argentina dedicated to the production and marketing of potatoes

Advanta - Nutrisun

Advanta - Nutrisun generates and transfers agrotechnological solutions to supply special products to global food, agricultural and chemical industry. Advanta - Nutrisun manufactures Nutrisun oil (High Stearic High Oleic Sunflower Oil) for the frozen par-frying industries under the Nutrisun brand.

Asociación Latinoamericana de la Papa (ALAP)

The objectives of Asociación Latinoamericana de la Papa (ALAP) are the organizing of meetings and study groups regional, national and international, the publication of information and the exchange of technical and scientific personnel.

Diagnosticos Vegetales

Diagnosticos Vegetales specialized in providing diagnostic services for plant diseases and sanitary management of potato crops, as well as in the production of seed potato minitubers.

Diagnosticos Vegetales S.A.

Diagnosticos Vegetales S.A. is a leading independent provider of services and products focused on plant biotechnology for the breeding of seed potatoes and other crops.

El Parque Papas

El Parque Papas is a potato company in Argentina. The company grows and stores seed potatoes and potatoes for the processing industry. El Parque Papas also provide the consumer market with washed and fresh potatoes, straight from the field.
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Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata)

La Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias de la Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata es una institución académica pública situada en la ciudad de Balcarce, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. En esta institución se dictan varias carreras de grado y de posgrado.

Farm Products

Farm Products is an Argentine company, specialized in the International sales of Popcorn.


Gastaldi produces two types of peanuts: Raw Peanuts and Blanched Peanuts under strict standards of quality and safety management, offering the world a product of the highest quality and prestige.

Gauchitas SA

They put their best to make the best homemade potato chips. Original recipe with Sea Salt. Much richer! The potato is in Balcarce.


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