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Cavendish Farms - New Annan

Cavendish Farms french fry plant in New Annan, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Cavendish Farms, Inc

Cavendish Farms Inc is the United States based subsidiary of Cavendish Farms Ltd

Inn Foods

Their history first starts in 1953 with the founding of Valley Packing Services as a wholesale food brokerage company sourcing frozen fruits, vegetables, and other related products for customers locally and across the globe.

Lamb Weston Canada ULC - Taber

Potato Processing facility from Lamb Weston Canada is located in Taber, Alberta

URosti LLC

Rösti Stuft Spuds are a first to market, crispy, shredded hand held filled potato in 3 bites! Founded in 2017 - A rapidly growing young potato innovator based in Portland, Oregon.


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