La Burocracia Española será el principal escollo de los exportadores de patata ante el Brexit
January 04, 2021
La salida efectiva de Reino Unido de la Unión Europea afectará en los próximos meses a los portales exportadores de patata poblers que deberán realizar un gran esfuerzo burocrático para adaptarse a las nueva normativa comercial.
Brexit: Scottish minister pledges to fight for seed potato exporters
January 04, 2021
The Scottish Government has said the seed potato industry is facing disaster through the Brexit deal. Exports of seed potatoes - a vital Scottish export - will not be part of a trade deal between the UK and EU
Belgapom starts its new search for a successor to Romain Cools as CEO of the Belgian potato trade and processing industry
November 02, 2020
Belgapom start met nieuw bestuur nieuwe zoektocht naar een opvolger voor Romain Cools als CEO voor de Belgische aardappelhandel en -verwerking.
Europatat welcomes Romans Vorss as new Technical Affairs Director
October 27, 2020
The European Potato Trade Association Europatat has appointed Romans Vorss as the new Technical Affairs Director of the Association, with effect as of 26 October 2020.
India resumes import of potatoes from Bhutan
October 23, 2020
India on Saturday threw open its domestic market for certain agricultural commodities including potatoes from Bhutan.
Call on governments to support the adoption of ePhyto to facilitate international agricultural trade
September 09, 2020
The Industry Advisory Group (IAG) of the IPPC ePhyto Solution calls on governments to support the adoption of ePhyto to facilitate international agricultural trade, which would be crucial in safeguarding global food security beyond the Covid-19 recovery period.
Potatoes NZ request Emergency Measures to ban EU imports
May 29, 2020
Potatoes New Zealand is asking the New Zealand government to give urgent consideration to imposing short-term measures limiting the importation into New Zealand of heavily discounted frozen potato chips to avoid a food security threat.
COVID-19 crashes European potato processing
April 07, 2020
In mainland Europe the widespread closure of restaurants and other food service outlets has meant that demand for processed potato products has fallen significantly.
Vrije markt voor aardappelen ingestort door coronavirus
March 24, 2020
De coronacrisis heeft de vrije markt voor de aardappelen volledig doen instorten. Zowel de PCA/Fiwap- als de Belgapom-prijsnotering werd geschorst omdat er een gebrek aan transacties was op de vrije aardappelmarkt.
The National Potato Council Welcomes the Signing of a Phase One Agreement between the US and China
January 15, 2020
Today the National Potato Council welcomed the signing of the Phase One Agreement reached between the United States and China by President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He at the White House.


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