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Hayashi Seimen

Japanes Noodle manufacturer launches New Product with US Dehy

maart 11, 2013
Hayashi Seimen, a Nagoya noodle manufacturer, recently launched a noodle made with 5% dehydarted potato.
USOB: Goodness Unearthed

Japanese companies save time and money with US Dehydrated potatoes

juni 30, 2010
Where Japanese companies are trying to gain a competitive advantage, dehy fits in nicely as the economic climate changes! Fewer people are eating out in Japan, opting instead to shop in delis and supermarkets more. Approximately 50 participants from su...

Japanese bakery switches from fresh potatoes to US Dehy

maart 10, 2010
Paid publicity highlighting the benefits of incorporating US dehy in bakery applications resulted in a Japanese bakery, Boulangerie Labo DAMES de FRANCE, developing and launching two new products. “Margherita” and “Tuna Wrap” both utilize approximately...
Calbee's purple jagabee potato snack

Calbee's Jagabee potato snack now available in purple.

oktober 21, 2009
Calbee Japan recently launched a purple version of their popular Jagabee potato snack. The Jagabee snacks are a formed potato stick sold in a cup and designed to fit a car cup holder. With the dough for the snacks being made from US potatoes at a joint...


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