Goodrich Cereals Potato Slices

Goodrich Cereals, Potato Slices

Goodrich Cereals, Potato Slices

Goodrich Cereals offers a wide variety of dehydrated potato slices for foodservice and manufacturing. These products are remarkably convenient, delivering fresh potato flavor and nutrition without washing, peeling or slicing. Once rehydrated, they cook up as firmly as freshly prepared potatoes, which wins them favor with consumers who appreciate their real potato identity, flavor and texture.

Recommended Uses

Use dehydrated potato slices in any formulation that calls for potatoes: chips, soups and stews; potato salads; hash browns; and casseroles, such as scalloped or au gratin potatoes. Food manufacturers can also explore new possibilities for potato pieces in dried and canned soups and stews, and in the extruded pellets used to make some snacks.


Rehydrate dehydrated potato pieces by covering with water, heating to 88°C and simmering until tender. Generally, rehydration time varies between 10 and 20 minutes depending on product size, specification and supplier. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the dehydrated product you’re using, as rehydration specifications may vary.

  • Rehydrated Texture: Similar in shape, texture and appearance to fresh-cut potato slices
  • Dehydrated Texture: Crunchy
  • Visual Appearance: Regular Sized Slices, free from damages/blemishes
  • Free Soluble Starch: Varies
  • Viscosity: Varies
  • Broken Cell Count: Very low
  • Additive: Optionally sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bisulfite, calcium chloride