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Trinity AgTech

Trinity AgTech is delivering analytical software for the agriculture sector. It provides a trusted and confidential family of digital assistants that bring you together with your business partners and those you trade with, thereby unlocking new value.

Their mission is to be the farmer’s trusted partner in achieving their full potential by maximising the environmental progress, product provenance, and financial prosperity of the agriculture sector. They deliver on their mission through their independence, excellence in science & technology, inclusiveness, and scalable and tested suite of analytical software.

They can help you achieve your ambition, rebalance power and put the market in your favour, by assessing the value of all that the farm holds, does and produces.

They can underpin your progress towards both environmental and financial prosperity with their digital assistant, Sandy. Sandy manages and interprets the wealth of data you have and receive, empowering you and your advisors in setting your ambitions.

Intuitive and easy to use, Sandy’s a powerful tool that pulls into one place the science and technology from across the industry and puts it to work on your business. Sandy brings you together with your business partners, highlights your strengths, and supports you in achieving your full potential.
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Trinity AgTech
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