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The Nigerian company Vicampro aims to provide an affordable and sustainable Potato processing chain which will create investment opportunities, create massive job opportunities and redefine farming in Nigeria.

Vicampro offers the following services:

Input Supply and Equipment leasing

One of the major challenges that farmers in this region face is getting access to an affordable and reliable source of agricultural inputs like seeds and top grade farm equipment.

Vicampro input supply and leasing company ensures that farmers can access these inputs without much hassle.

The company seeks to see an increase in both the quality and quantity of farm produce in this region which will yield more profits for the farmers and create more farm investment.

To ensure that their clients get the best quality, they have a potato seed system that will ensure that high quality seeds are available to farmers at affordable rates.

They also work in partnership with some renowned equipment manufacturers which means that they will lease the top grade equipment to farmers at affordable rates.

Cold Storage Facility Leasing

Their modular 12,000 tons cold storage facility ensures that they have a stable and reliable supply of seeds and ware potatoes. The potatoes which are constantly kept at the appropriate temperatures are of high quality.

The facility which is well ventilated can store the potatoes of at least 1,000 farmers and it is open to farmers looking to preserve their potatoes at affordable rates.

Certified Seed and Ware Potato Production

Owing to the wide range of varieties, high consumption rate and diverse industrial use, Irish potatoes are among the best farming option for farmers the world over.

Since it has been established that seed multiplication leads to an increase in agriculture produce which are of good quality, they have allocated over 200 hectares to multiply their seeds.

Their S1, S2 and S3 field collectively provides about 1300 hectares of land dedicated to Irish potato production. Their are constantly expanding their fields and aim to cultivate 10,000 hectares of potatoes by 2020.

French Fries Processing Line

Their 2 tons per output state-of-the-art potato processing facility is currently under construction and would ensure that there is a market for high quality frozen French fries.

The facility will integrate innovative energy-efficient technologies while producing tons of frozen French fries for the local and international market at competitive rates.

Their supply chain & distribution network will ensure that the products are stored in good condition before it gets to the consumer.

Agricultural Investment & Business advisor/Technical support

In recent times, the Agrobusiness has become associated with technology. Thus, there is a need for industry stakeholders to use new business models that can ensure a competitive advantage and a sustainable feature.

At Vicampro they provide their partners with market insights that would help them make better business decisions. They also offer technical repair services on farm machinery and provide spares from the original equipment manufacturer.


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