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Dale Clemiss new Chief Executive Officer of Idahoan Foods

Idahoan Foods, LLC. Appoints Dale Clemiss as Chief Executive Officer

Febrero 13, 2022
Idahoan Foods, LLC. announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Dale Clemiss as Chief Executive Officer effective March 7, 2022.
Ladd and Zoey Wahlen, pictured with their three children, recently started a potato chip business in Aberdeen (Courtesy: Zoey Wahlen)

Establishing Roots: Aberdeen farm family starts potato chip business

Marzo 30, 2021
From field to bag to front door, an Aberdeen farm family has recently launched a potato chip business that focuses on being involved in all parts of the potato’s journey from seed to the customer’s palate.
Accounting for 69 percent of the potato production in 2017, Russets are still by far the most important potato type in the United States.

Potatoes Annual Summary: 2017 US Potato Production Up Slightly

Septiembre 18, 2018
Earlier this month, USDA-NASS published its annual report 'Potatoes 2017 Summary; September 2018'. The 2017 data indicate a slight increase of the total potato production in the United States compared to the previous year.
The United States Potato Production and its value in the last ten years (USDA-NASS)

Potato Production United States: USDA-NASS publishes 'Potatoes 2016 (Summary)'

Septiembre 19, 2017
Potato Production United States 2016: the USDA-NASS has just published its most extensive report on last year's potato production: 'Potatoes 2016 (Summary)'

Potandon Produce offers 'Box Tops for Education' on its Klondike Rose bags

Agosto 21, 2012
Potandon Produce announced that beginning in July, Green Giant® Fresh Klondike Rose Potatoes is participating in the Box Tops for Education program.


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