A total of 86 percent of Canadians believe food prices are higher than 6 months ago.
Septiembre 30, 2021

Agri‑Food Analytics Lab: COVID‑19 Food Price Inflation in Canada

More than 2 Canadians in 5 have changed their behavior to save money at the grocery store compared to 2020. Food inflation has been a source of concern for many Canadian consumers for a while in Canada.
Developing sensors for potato farming
Febrero 05, 2019

Developing smarter equipment for potato farming

Ahmad Al-Mallahi, working at Dalhousie University since October as the McCain Research Chair and assistant professor in the Department of Engineering, is working on sensors and automation to make potato farming smarter.
Halifax Police: Unclear if needle came from potatoes
Noviembre 29, 2016

Halifax Police: Unclear if needle came from potatoes

After further investigation of the food tampering report of this weekend, Halifax Police concluded it can not be determined where the needle originated. This additional reporting caused a sigh of relieve among Canadian Potato Packers.
Metal object found in mashed potatoes in Halifax restaurant
Septiembre 14, 2015

Metal object found in mashed potatoes in Halifax restaurant

The discovery of needles and nails in potatoes in a suspected case of food tampering earlier this year in Atlantic Canada have heightened the awareness of consumers and media alike. The latest case, reported by CBC Nova Scotia, is the finding of metal object in mashed potatoes in a Halifax restaurant.
Production of Hickory Sticks at Frito-lay Canada Kentville
Junio 02, 2014

Frito-Lay Canada Chip plant in Kentville celebrates 60 years

The Frito-Lay Canada chip plant in Kentville, Nova Scotia, celebrated its diamond anniversary this week.
 Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Enero 10, 2011

After-cooking darkening: the affliction of cooked potatoes

The discolouration that blights cooked potatoes has plagued the potato industry for many years. This phenomenon, known as after-cooking darkening, is one of the most undesirable characteristics and has been reported from every potato-growing area in the world.
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Agosto 09, 2010

Frito Lay Canada invests in Quality, Environmental Sustainability in New Minas

Frito-Lay Canada, a division of PepsiCo Canada, is investing more than $2 million in its New Minas (Nova Scotia) operations to upgrade production equipment and make the facility more environmentally sustainable.


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