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Allround will participate in Agro Tech India 2022

Allround will participate in Agro Tech India 2022

Octubre 29, 2022
Allround vegetable processing has been participating in Agro tech for the last many years, this year they also want to showcase their shake grader(potato, Onion) and cold storage equipment solution.
Newtec Weighing Accuracy, Potatoes.

How potato packers get the right amount of potatoes in each bag

Octubre 29, 2022
Have you ever wondered how potato packers fill each bag with exactly the right amount of potatoes? All potatoes have different weights and as packaging sizes get smaller, this task get harder. Newtec - a supplier of technology that guarantees weighing accuracy - explains how it can be done.
Potato growers in Kenya

Productores de papa en Kenia transforman su cultivo de la mano de universidades

Octubre 27, 2022
Richard Mbaria muestra orgulloso su floreciente cultivo de papas en la aldea de Kapsita, en el condado de Nakuru, en Kenia. El agricultor ha aumentado su producción por hectárea gracias a la capacitación en la producción de semillas implementado en la zona por la Universidad de Egerton, que tiene su sede en el mismo condado.
Hydrite new corporate headquarters

Hydrite awarded One Green Globes certification for new corporate headquarters by the Green Building Initiative

Octubre 27, 2022
Hydrite, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, has earned a Green Globes® for New Construction certification with a One Green Globes rating for its new corporate headquarters
Vanmark Showcases Sanitary Vibratory Conveyor Developed in Conjunction with Sister Brand PFI

Vanmark Showcases Sanitary Vibratory Conveyor Developed together with PFI at ANUTEC

Octubre 26, 2022
Vanmark, an industrial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer, recently debuted vibratory conveying equipment jointly developed with its sister brand PFI at the ANUTEC International FoodTec India in September
Scott Europe closes its financial year with a record order intake

Robotic Palletizing specialist Scott Europe closes its financial year with a record order intake

Octubre 26, 2022
In spite of current market and supply chain challenges, Scott Europe (formerly Alvey) - the leading supplier of palletising and end-of-line materials handling solutions - ends its financial year with outstanding results.
New potato varieties for chips set to hit the market

New potato varieties in Bangladesh for Chips and French fries: Valencia and Cartagena

Octubre 25, 2022
Two potato varieties developed by the private firm ACI Seed are set to hit the seed potato market of Bangladesh next season, enabling farmers to produce industrial-grade potatoes that can be used for making ready-to-eat snacks
Heat and Control FastBack 4.0 Horizontal Motion Conveyor

Heat and Control brings the latest revolution in horizontal motion conveying with FastBack 4.0

Octubre 25, 2022
Heat and Control Inc., a world-leading equipment solution manufacturer will be releasing FastBack® 4.0’s groundbreaking horizontal motion conveying technology at Pack Expo International 2022.
Avebe offers Waxy Potato Starch for food manufacturers, the key to excellent taste and texture differentiation.

Growing waxy potatoes for Royal Avebe specialty potato starch

Octubre 24, 2022
Christoph Renken, farmer on the Lüneburger Heide, shares his practical experiences of working with Royal Avebe and growing waxy potatoes on his farm.
UPGC: Potato harvest update Canada, October 2022

UPGC: Potato harvest update Canada, October 2022

Octubre 24, 2022
In Canada, the potato harvest is in the final stages across the country. Most provinces have enjoyed excellent harvest conditions without the high temperatures experienced in early September nor the wet conditions of early spring.


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