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Dongguan Juzheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan Juzheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in developing automatic identification technology and detection technology. They have two production lines as follows:

The first product line includes an X-ray security screening system, an X-ray impurity inspection system, an X-ray food inspection system, a Walk-through metal detector, Hand-held metal detectors, which are widely used in public places, government departments, large-scale security, and industries NDT(Nondestructive Testing) inspections.

The second product line includes an industrial Metal detector conveyor, Metal separator, Checkweigher series, Combined metal detector, check weigher, Packaging machines, which are typically used for detecting various metal impurities and weight abnormalities in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and plastic industries.

By providing professional types of equipment and dedicated solutions for different customers to increase their market added value. Collecting and processing market and product information from actual cases, hope to provide convenience to more customers in the future.
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Dongguan Juzheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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