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Savor Street Foods (The Bachman Company)

Savor Street Foods is the new name of the snack maker in Pennsylvania formerly known as The Bachman Company, after it sold its brands and one of its production facilities to Utz Quality Foods in 2012.

The Bachman Company was a family owned supplier of pretzels and other snack foods located in Pennsylvania, making pretzels and snacks for 125 years.

The company is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania and until 2012 operated two manufacturing facilities in that state, one in Hyde Park, PA and one in Ephrata, PA.

In 2012, The Bachman Company sold its brands "Bachman", "Jax","Thin'n Right" and "Chipitos" together with distribution rights and one of its production facilities (Ephrata, PA) to Utz Quality Foods.

Bachman will change its name to Savor Street Foods, retain its Hyde Park, PA., plant and continue to produce certain products for Utz. The new company will focus on contract manufacturing.
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