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Spornado Inc. - Disease Alert System

Spornado Sampler is an effective, low-cost tool for growers to better predict crop disease, and take preventative action. The application of pesticide is typically based on Decision Support Systems (DSS) which make predictions based on environmental factors such as the weather.

Results of analysis of air samples collected with the Spornado provide valuable information in combination with DSS for guiding fungicide application.

In potato crops, Spornado has been tested for a wide array of fungal pathogens including Phytophthora infestans in tomato, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in canola, and ginseng. Growers do their best to stay ahead of disease and spray fungicides regularly rather than risk the pathogen destroying their crop.

This is a big expense – to the grower and to the environment. Still, crop loss due to fungal disease is common and costs the agricultural industry tens of millions every year.

The Spornado Sampler is an innovative, easy-to-use early crop disease alert system that helps growers detect harmful airborne diseases long before they impact the crop.
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Spornado Inc. - Disease Alert System
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