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Is there a difference between the Statistics shown on desktop, tablet and mobile?

Yes, there is!

On desktop and tablet you see the full version, but on phone, we have omitted source, flags and notes from most tables for better readability. To review this information, check out this table on a larger screen.

TIP: On many phones, just turning your phone in landscape will do the job!

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What can I find in the Regions and Statistics section and how can I best find it?

Using the black Smaller Region button below the title, you can drill down to:
  • Continents
  • Countries
  • States and Provinces for the United States, Canada and India.
For each region you find:
  • Description of the potato cultivation in that region, including history, common varieties
  • Resources and Reports for current and historic prices (for selected regions)
  • Potato Cultivation Statistics
  • Potato Consumption Statistics
Furthermore, for pages at Country level and below you find:
  • All Production facilities in that region (on the Companies tab)
  • All News from that region (on the News tab)
Take it for a spin and let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this information!

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How can I best find it?

In addition to moving around with the black navigation buttons below the title, there are a few additional tricks you can use...
  • Search...Obvious, indeed. But it here is a secret: it works even for very small countries with hardly any potato cultivation to speak of that we have not included in the menu structure, e.g. Bermuda etc.)
  • If you are on desktop, there is a handy list of Frequently visited Regions in the right column of each region page.
  • You can click the flags in the table of the top countries in a continent. Works on phones too
  • In news articles, in company profiles and on event pages: find and click the flags. They bring you immediately to the corresponding region pages. From there you can easily move between statistics, companies and news.
  • Use the breadcrumb at the top of the page to quickly move to a larger area.
  • The Similar Regions button allows you to easily evaluate for example all provinces of Canada.
The database contains values going back as far as 1960. The filters are "intelligent" they will only (dynamically!) allow choices for data that actually exist.

Note that as you switch between regions, the filter settings will remain the same. E.g. if you looked up the potato production in 2010 in the Americas in the Agricultural statistics table and you switch to Asia, it will also display the potato production in 2010.

Just don't forget to set it back if you want to look for different information...

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