Allround Mobile washer PD 500
Mobile washer PD 500
Allround Mobile washer PD 500 washing machine is designed for cleaning produce. After the produce falls into the water it floats to a rotating drum. While the produce floats, stones and dirt sink to a waste belt at the back of the machine.
Individual Quick Freezing
IQF Tunnel Freezer
NSSPL Individual Quick Freezing Tunnel Freezers are designed to discrete and freeze all products e.g. vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, and dairy providing high products yield.
The Intralox Belt Puller enables simpler, faster and safer belt handling.
FoodSafe Modular Plastic Belting (MPB) Portfolio
The Intralox FoodSafe Modular Plastic Belting Portfolio is the only solution that addresses the root causes of food conveyor challenges. Maintaining conveyance systems in food processing is challenging.
Caterer Grade Potato Flakes
Caterer Grade Potato Flakes
Iscon Balaji Foods is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of dehydrated potato flakes that have been through an industrial process of cooking, mashing and dehydrating to yield a packaged convenience food that can be reconstituted by adding hot water or milk for mashed potatoes.
FOODesign ambient air cooling system cryo-jet® 5
cryo-jet® 5
The tna cryo-jet 5 is an ambient air-cooling system for a range of applications including bakery, confectionery, breakfast/snack bars and cooked or fried foods.
Flo-Mech Batch Frying (& Oil Heating)
Batch Frying (& Oil Heating)
Flo-Mech offers Batch Fryers for chips in a range of sizes from 120 kg per hour. • For hand cooked, hard bite, kettle style crisps
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Kiremko QuadraFlow
QuadraFlow's many benefits range from results on French fries, wedges, and slices, to easy operation and user-friendliness.
Flo-Mech Flo-Grade® Scroll Grader
Flo-Grade® Scroll Grader
The Flo-Grade™ has been developed to be installed with our Flo-Cut™ sizer halver unit or on its own as a stand-alone potato or tuber grader. It has a tapered screw design for gentle grading and transfer of potatoes.
Allround Turning table TT 150
Turning table TT 150
​The turning table is used after a weighing and packing installation. Packed products come onto this turning table, from which the workers can grab them and place the bags on pallets.​
NSSPL Modified Atmoshpheric Cold Storage
Temperature Controlled Cold Storage
NSSPL offers turnkey solutions for all types of cold storages including civil and PEB works, based on customer requirements of cold storage, by creating and defining the industry through its in-house innovated and also world over available technologies.
Straight Cut 6x6mm French Fries
Straight Cut 6x6mm French Fries
Living upto the expectations that encompass this segment, they bring in a new touch to this variety of fries. IBF premium high solid fries not only guarantee crispiness and good holding times
Ishida CCW-RV Open Frame Weigher
CCW-RV Open Frame Weigher
Ishida’s latest IP69K waterproof weigher is now fully open for cleaning.
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Flo-Mech Flo-Flavour™ Plus
Flo-Flavour™ Plus
The Flo-Flavour™ plus systems have been designed to apply powder and oil (if required) separately to products that do not need a slurry based flavour that soaks in. The systems are used for other snacks products like fried snacks.
Rosenqvists Belt Dryer
Belt Dryer
The Rosenqvists Belt Dryer works on air with low temperature and high humidity that ensure even drying results of each strip. The Belt Dryer uses the counter-air-flow principle where the airflow covers the full width of the belts.
Urschel - Velocicut® Cutting Head
Velocicut® Cutting Head
The Velocicut® Head may be used in conjunction with the Urschel Model VSC Cutter, or integrated into an existing watergun system. A variety of cuts may be produced including square, rectangular, slab, bi-slab, cross slab, and segment cuts.
Allround Shake grading line SG 60 series
Shake grading line SG 60 series
Shake grading line SG 60 series for table and seed potatoes
NSSPL Frozen French Fries Plant
Frozen French Fries Plant
Manufacturing the French fries and the frozen French fry do not have much difference. It differs only in the final part of frying and freezing. The frozen French fries take lesser time to fry than the fresh French fries.
Urschel - Model CCL Lattice Potato Chip Slicer
Model CCL Lattice Potato Chip Slicer
The Model CCL slicer produces lattice cuts of varying thickness. Both sides of the slice have crinkles, with the crinkles on each side of the slice running approximately 90° to each other. Uses involve lattice potato chips and thicker potato waffle fries.


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