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How to please with processed Idaho Potatoes

Mixture of Fries (Courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission)

In a new Ranker poll, the potato tops the competition as the peoples’ #1 favorite vegetable (Source: “The Potato is the People’s #1 Favorite Vegetable,” Ranker, August 18, 2015)

As such, potatoes hold an important position on foodservice menus as a foundation for profitable snacks, appetizers, side dishes, and entrées. Extensively menued in every segment (81.8% penetration; source: Potatoes: Menuing & Trends, Datassential Menu Trends, June 2014), all potato styles are sold into foodservice where processed potatoes account for 78% of the volume. Of the processed portion, frozen potatoes represent 61% (by far the largest use of potatoes in the U.S.), chips 9%, dehydrated 5% and refrigerated 3% (Source: 2013 Potato Sales & Utilization, United States Potato Board.)

Little wonder processed potatoes are popular among foodservice operators. Made from top quality Idaho® potatoes, frozen potatoes are available in a wide range of cuts and customized styles: French fries, hash browns, formed (potato tots), mashed and specialty. Frozen potatoes deliver consistently rich potato taste and texture year round. Operators and customers alike can depend on enjoyment and satisfaction with every serving.

Dehydrated potatoes–economical, easy to store and quick to prepare–have found a solid customer base in onsite foodservice, snack foods and bakery applications. When time and convenience are critical to success, dehydrated potatoes produce silky mashed potatoes or crispy hash browns in minutes.

When time and convenience are critical to success, dehydrated potatoes produce silky mashed potatoes. (Courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission)

For more information about Idaho® potatoes in foodservice applications, visit idahopotato.com/foodservice.

For other menu concepts using all Idaho® potato forms and styles, visit the IPC recipe database. While on the site, check out the Idaho® potato preparation tips, and find answers and solutions to operational and culinary FAQs.