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U.S. Potato Exports

United States potato export value increases as demand rebounds

december 17, 2022
Across the globe, restaurants are back to operating at normal capacity, borders are opening for tourism, and many consumers are looking for high-quality, nutritious food options, all leading to strong demand for US potatoes.
Generational change within KPW

Generational change within Avebe Kartoffelstärkefabrik Prignitz/Wendland (KPW)

november 10, 2022
Every site of Royal Avebe has its own Human Resources challenges. This includes the Avebe Kartoffelstärkefabrik Prignitz/Wendland (KPW) sites in Germany. The relatively high average age of the staff creates capacity challenges for the future.
AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch business

AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S

oktober 17, 2022
With effect from October 7, 2022, the Danish farmer-owned cooperative AKV Langholt AmbA has acquired Cargill’s 50% share in their mutual joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S.
Starch Europe Announces Decarbonisation Roadmap

Starch Europe adopts Decarbonisation Roadmap

oktober 14, 2022
Starch Europe announced the adoption and publication of a sector-wide decarbonisation Roadmap 2019-2030.
At their yearly conference, returning this year to an in person event
Andre Heilemann as new Head of Research and Development of Emsland Group

Andre Heilemann Head of Research and Development at Emsland Group

oktober 01, 2022
Earlier this year, Andre Heilemann took over as Head of Research and Development at Emsland Group from Henk Jaap Meijer. Here is a brief introduction of Andre Heilemann and his background.
Marleen de Rond-Schouten new Managing Director Agro & Strategy of Avebe

Marleen de Rond-Schouten will be the new Managing Director Agro & Strategy as of 1 January 2023.

september 12, 2022
On 1 January 2023, Marleen de Rond-Schouten will take over Arjan de Rooij’s tasks as Managing Director Agro & Strategy. Mr De Rooij will leave Royal Avebe after more than 14 years.
Patent on Potato Flakes Energy Bar

Patent on Potato Flakes Energy Bar

augustus 25, 2022
In India processing of fruits and vegetables is very poor around only 3-5% were countries like US has 65%, Phillipines 78% and China 23%. Hence, there is a need to enhance the processing of fruits and vegetables.
Royal Avebe positive about the potato season: starch percentage at an average of 20.6 percent.

Avebe beëindigt campagne met hoog zetmeelgehalte

mei 24, 2022
Op donderdag 12 mei de locatie in Gasselternijveen verwerkte Avebe vorige week de laatste zetmeelaardappelen van de campagne 2021-2022. Op de andere locaties in Ter Apelkanaal en in Duitsland in Lüchow en Dallmin gebeurde dit al in februari en in maart.
Poundo Potato Flakes (Lamb Weston)

Lamb Weston Nigeria introduces Poundo Potato Flakes

mei 12, 2022
Lamb Weston has introduced Poundo Potato Flakes to the Nigerian market and stresses the need to improve the margin in the potato value-chain
Südstärke GmbHs Sustainability Report for 2020

Südstärke GmbH Sustainability Report for 2020

maart 10, 2022
The aim of the Südstärke sustainability report is to offer customers, suppliers, colleagues, shareholders, and site neighbors an insight into how they engage with nature and the environment.


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