Goodrich Cereals entered the global dehydrated potato market with a splash

Goodrich Cereals facility

Aerial View of the Goodrich Cereals Plant in Nagla, Karnal, in the Indian state of Haryana, where the company produces a range of dehydrated potato products, such as potato flakes.

november 27, 2023
Goodrich Cereals proudly stands as a star member within the prestigious Goodrich Group of Companies, India. The inception of Goodrich Cereals marked a strategic entry into dehydrated vegetables and potato processing, with an ultra-modern plant in the village of Nagla, Meerut Road, Karnal, in the Indian state of Haryana.

This move demonstrated not just a business venture but a commitment to innovation and leadership in the potato processing industry. In its inaugural year, the company's provision of world-class potato flakes strategically impacted the Indian market, simultaneously benefiting local potato farmers.

This dynamic company takes immense pride in being a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium-quality dehydrated potato-based products, solidifying its position as a trusted name in the food industry.

From its humble origins in India to a global footprint spanning over 40 countries, the company's journey is marked by unwavering commitment, innovation, and a steadfast dedication to sustainable practices.

Elevated Product Range:

Goodrich Cereals boasts an extensive product range that showcases its commitment to excellence and innovation. From the signature potato flakes, milled potato flakes, potato granules, and potato flour to a diverse array of dehydrated potato products such as slices, shreds, cubes, and dices, the company offers versatile solutions renowned for their superior quality.
Goodrich Cereals Product Range

Goodrich Cereals Product Range

Commitment to Quality:

At Goodrich Cereals, quality is not just a standard; it is a top priority. The company sources only the finest potatoes and employs rigorous quality control measures throughout its manufacturing process. State-of-the-art facilities and an experienced team ensure that the products consistently meet and exceed industry standards.
Drum-dryer in the Goodrich Cereals Plant

Drum dryer for the production of potato flakes in the Goodrich Cereals Plant

Global Impact, Local Responsiveness:

With a presence in over 40 countries, Goodrich Cereals has transcended geographical boundaries, bringing its high-quality potato-based products to kitchens and food processing facilities worldwide.

The company's global impact is not merely quantitative; it is rooted in a qualitative commitment to understanding and responding to the unique needs of each local market it serves. With offices strategically located in Karnal, Delhi, Ahmedabad, London, and Melbourne, the company ensures close engagement with diverse markets.

Driving Innovation:

Goodrich Cereals stands as a beacon of innovation in the potato processing industry. The company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities and European manufacturing standards. By embracing innovation, Goodrich Cereals consistently introduces new and improved potato-based products that set industry benchmarks.

Sustainability Beyond Business:

Goodrich Cereals is committed to being a positive force beyond business success. The company recognizes the environmental impact of its operations and is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint.

The company's sustainability initiatives extend beyond its operations, actively contributing to the communities it operates in. From responsibly sourced potatoes, minimizing waste to energy-efficient manufacturing processes, every aspect of Goodrich Cereals' operations aligns with a vision for a sustainable future.

Empowering Farmers and Communities:

Beyond business success, Goodrich Cereals is deeply committed to supporting local communities and potato farmers. By streamlining the selling process and ensuring fair practices, the company plays a pivotal role in the economic empowerment of farmers, contributing to the overall prosperity of the regions it operates in.

Continuing the Legacy:

As Goodrich Cereals continues to build on its success story, the commitment to quality, sustainability, innovation, and global outreach remains unwavering. With an eye on the future, the company looks forward to expanding its global footprint, embracing sustainable practices, and continuing to deliver unparalleled potato-based products to kitchens worldwide.

The company envisions not just being a participant but a leader in the global potato processing landscape. With sustainability as a guiding principle, Goodrich Cereals is poised to continue its legacy of innovation and excellence, setting new standards in the industry while contributing to a sustainable and prosperous global food ecosystem.
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