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Potato Planting in the Indian State Gujarat at an all time high

Much of the production of French Fries in India takes place in Gujarat, with the presence of McCain Foods India, Iscon Balaji Foods and Hyfun Frozen Foods.

Potato farming in the Indian state Gujarat has reached an all-time high with over 18 per cent more planting compared to last year and an overall increase of 30 per cent in the normal planting area. An all-time high with 1.23 lakh hectares was planted with potatoes, compared to 1.07 lakh hectares last year, agriculture experts said. In 2015, potato was cultivated on 93,400 hectares.

Consequently, a bumper potato crop is expected.

The data indicates that sowing of winter crop this year was at 84 per cent of area normally sown with the crop, 33.08 lakh hectares. The figures show that 27.87 lakh hectares have been sown against 24.72 lakh hectares last year. North Gujarat has seen the most sowing in the state with 10.42 lakh hectares sown. Officials said about 7.41 lakh hectares were sown in central Gujarat.

However, sowing which is at a high in the Saurashtra region, this year sowing in Saurashtra has not picked up due to lack of water in dams. The sowing in Saurashtra region was only in an area of 6.71 lakh hectare.