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MSU professors Jiming Jiang and David Douches. (Courtesy: MSU)
februari 27, 2024

Michigan State University researchers further unravel the mechanism of cold induced sweetening in potatoes

Michigan State University professors Jiming Jiang and David Douches has discovered a key mechanism behind the darkening and potential health concerns associated with cold-stored potatoes. 
Michigan Potato Industry Commission to Release Report on the Potato Industry’s Economic Impact on the State
februari 23, 2024

Chipping Potato Capital of the US: Potatoes contribute USD 2.5 Billion to Michigan’s Economy

Michigan-grown spuds deliver a pile of economic activity, generating more than USD 2.5 billion to the state’s GDP and supporting around 21,700 Michigan jobs, according to a report released today by the Michigan Potato Industry Commission.
Folson Farms potato grading large capacities
februari 16, 2024

Potato Packer Folson Farms in North-Dakota guarantees potato quality

Folson Farms works to produce quality potatoes in the rich soils of the Red River Valley.
Simplot's Portage la Prairie Plant
februari 13, 2024

Simplot Fertilizer and Potato Processing Plants Recognized for Energy Efficiency

A sustainable business. A healthy planet. A responsibility to all. Purposeful actions that benefit our world and the bottom line ensure successful operations at Simplot now and well into the future.
The Plant Sciences Division of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), in a Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) meeting on potatoes held on November 16, 2023
februari 12, 2024

Variety Evaluation Committee in Pakistan has approved additional Potato Varieties for Commercial Cultivation

Pakistan's Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) has recommended repeat one-season trials for four table potato varieties - Cristina, GR-t33-13-2 (SANDRA), Rosegarden, and Primnsk - at research stations in Abbottabad and Islamabad.
Iscon Balaji Foods' Sustainable Potato Farm Revolution: Transforming Lives, Securing Futures
februari 12, 2024

Iscon Balaji Foods' Sustainable Potato Farm Revolution: Transforming Lives, Securing Futures

Iscon Balaji Foods Pvt Ltd's growing French fry production has caused a revolution in potato cultivation that has transformed the lives of over 8,000 farmers across India.
México: aumenta importación de EE.UU en detrimento de producción nacional
februari 07, 2024

México: aumenta importación de EE.UU en detrimento de producción nacional

La producción nacional en México pierde terreno ante la papa importada de Estados Unidos. Los productores temen por la incidencia tanto económica como fitosanitaria.
New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain - Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD S V Agri
januari 25, 2024

Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD SV Agri: 'New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain'

SV Agri organized its Annual Variety and Seed Farm Show from January 8th to 10th, featuring the display of 14 new potato varieties.
Egyptian processing potatoes were an important source for European factories from February to May
november 30, 2023

Egyptian processing potatoes were an important source for European factories from February to May

Yassen Abdelhay, export advisor at Arafa Group, reports on the crucial period for European factories from February to May 2023, and how Egyptian producers played a key role during this phase.
El sector de la patata apuesta por la calidad desde el origen hasta el consumidor
november 17, 2023

España: Castilla y León a la vanguardia de la producción nacional

En España, Castilla y León, la comunidad dominante en materia de patatas y responsable por un 40% de la producción nacional, apuesta por una integración vertical para garantizar la calidad de su producto.
Potatoes, fresh from the field, bump onto a belt before being transferred to a storage shed outside of Boardman, Oregon.
oktober 31, 2023

Too much potatoes for French Fries in Pacific Northwest

About 5,000 loaded-down semi-trucks of really nice Northwest french-fry-making potatoes are set to plop into cattle troughs or be destroyed. Dale Lathim is the President of the Potato Marketing Association of North America
Wayne Mansfield Mash production manager at Branston
oktober 19, 2023

UK potato supplier Branston to open state-of-the-art facility for mashed potato spring 2024

United Kingdom potato supplier Branston has announced it is opening a mashed potato facility to produce and supply leading UK supermarkets with the prepared family favourite starting in spring 2024.

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La presencia de McCain en Colombia se consolida
oktober 19, 2023

La presencia de McCain en Colombia se consolida

McCain Foods llego a Colombia en el año 1996 con la compra de la fábrica de papas fritas Mekato, y cuatro años más tarde, en el año 2000, adquiere la planta de la empresa local Congelagro por USD 40 millones, haciéndose así de una moderna planta industrial capaz de suplir no solo al mercado local, sino también a los mercados regionales.
Antti Kuusisto, chairman of Luonnosta Finland and Phil Rayner, Manager of Luonnosta UK
oktober 02, 2023

Luonnosta Finland Oy establishes a subsidiary in the United Kingdom

Luonnosta Finland Oy and Phil Rayner announced the establishment of Luonnosta UK Ltd. Luonnosta’s strategy for several years has been to develop international business and strengthen networks worldwide.
The North-western European Potato growers (NEPG) responds to the price drop of free buy potatoes (non-contracted potatoes)and the negative signal this sends to the growers.
oktober 02, 2023

North-western European Potato growers (NEPG) concerned about price drop of free buy potatoes and negative signal to growers.

During the last weeks, free buy prices from different North-western European quotations have dramatically fallen, no longer allowing to cover production costs. North-western European Potato growers (NEPG) respond.
Dick Hylkema, director of the Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO)
september 12, 2023

Dutch potato chain could play a very important international role

The Netherlands' development as an agricultural country and retaining enough farmland. And ensuring potatoes remain in Dutch consumers' minds.
A potato field of Agronico in bloom in Tasmania, Australia (Variety Atlantic)
augustus 27, 2023

Simplot to acquire Agronico, Tasmania’s largest seed potato producer

Agronico, Tasmania’s largest seed potato producer, has entered into an agreement for Simplot to acquire the business and property assets of Agronico.
Bags of Calbee chips at a supermarket in Tokyo in July 2021.
augustus 08, 2023

How Asia’s top potato chip maker Calbee dealt with a huge supply shortage

What happens when Asia’s biggest potato chip maker runs out of potatoes? Japanese snack brand Calbee had to learn the hard way.


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