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Fresh potatoes

NEPG provides an update on the potato situation in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany: more potatoes needed!

Enero 30, 2023
The North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG) report on the potato market in the NEPG zone (France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany)
Phil Gusmano - Vice President - Better Made Snack Foods

Michigan Potato Industry Commission (MPIC) names Gusmano to serve as chair

Enero 06, 2023
Gusmano and Ryan Norton of Walther Farms were elected chair and vice-chair, respectively, during the MPIC meeting in East Lansing on Dec. 15, 2022.
M S International 25kg potato bags

Export of potatoes for processing from India up over 40% YOY

Diciembre 12, 2022
Export data show that from January to September 2022, India exported about 153,000 tons of fresh or refrigerated potatoes suitable for the production of potato chips, an increase of 42% compared to last year.
Neiker transfers its potatoes, ‘Edurne’ and ‘Beltza’, to the cooperative UDAPA

Neiker transfers its potato varieties, 'Edurne' and 'Beltza', to the cooperative UDAPA

Diciembre 11, 2022
Neiker technology center, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), and the Alava cooperative UDAPA have signed a transfer agreement until 2032 for the potato varieties Beltza and Edurn.
Yara signs MOU with El Parque Papas

Turning potato chips climate friendly in Argentina

Diciembre 04, 2022
Yara has signed a memorandum of understanding with El Parque Papas to deliver green fertilizer in 2023. Famous racing car champion turned farmer, Mr. Walter Hernández, met with Svein Tore Holsether, CEO of Yara
Harvested potatoes

Menor producción de patata en la UE y España este año y menores siembras previstas para 2023

Diciembre 03, 2022
La producción de patata en Francia, Alemania, Países Bajos y Bélgica bajará un 6% este año respecto a 2021, situándose en 22,1 millones de toneladas, según la Asociación de Productores de Patata del Noroeste de Europa (NEPG).
New potato varieties for chips set to hit the market

New potato varieties in Bangladesh for Chips and French fries: Valencia and Cartagena

Octubre 25, 2022
Two potato varieties developed by the private firm ACI Seed are set to hit the seed potato market of Bangladesh next season, enabling farmers to produce industrial-grade potatoes that can be used for making ready-to-eat snacks
Urban bites Agrico PSA

Norda industries favors Markies for the production of potato chips in Kenya

Octubre 06, 2022
Markies has already become the number one for potato chips in Kenya. Simultaneously Markies is also increasingly demanded by Kenya’s crisping industry. A good example is Norda Industries who favors our Markies variety for their potato crisps.
Climate change will reduce the total potato production in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany by 7 to 11 % despite an increase in hectares, according to the latest estimates of the North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG).

NEPG: El cambio climático reducirá la producción total de patata en Bélgica, Países Bajos, Francia y Alemania entre un 7 y un 11 porciento a pesar del aumento de hectáreas

Septiembre 22, 2022
Durante su última reunión previa a Potato Europe 2022, los Productores de Papa del Noroeste de Europa (NEPG) estiman que la producción mundial de papa en la zona NEPG (EU-04) se reducirá entre un 7 y un 11 por ciento.
Dave Whitmore, Vice President Product & Business Development of Peak of the Market Ltd.

Peak of the Market Announces Sales Team Changes

Septiembre 14, 2022
Peak of the Market is pleased to announce important changes to their Sales team.  Dave Whitmore is adjusting his attention to provide leadership and direction for the overall business and has assumed the role of Vice President Product & Business Development.


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