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Zeracryl has developed an efficient solution for the reduction of acrylamide in french fries

The Zeracryl solution is easy to use, both in industrial production and in the restaurant or at home.

Acrylamide in processed food is a growing and serious concern among international health authorities.

Zeracryl AS has in collaboration with the Norwegian French fries manufacturer Hoff SA developed a suitable and robust process in order to reduce acrylamide levels in French fries. Industrial testing and improvements have given good results.

The manufacturer started implementation of Zeracryl`s solution 2016, and is now offering grocery retailers, hotels, restaurants and the catering segment a healthier and safer French fries product to consumers.

The process inhibits the acrylamide formation reaction between sugar and asparagine at high temperatures and reduces the acrylamide by 50-70%.

The process gives a more stable color with different potato varieties and variation in sugar content, and the process and ingredients used do not influence the taste of the product.

The solution is inexpensive, and will become available from the patent owner Zeracryl through licenses.

The project has been supported by Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway.