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50,000 Kenyan potato farmers are partnering with Agrico PSA!

50,000 Kenyan potato farmers are partnering with Agrico PSA!

Agrico PSA is proud to communicate another impressive milestone reached: now over 50,000 Kenyan potato farmers are digitally partnering via their Facebook page! PSA’s Facebook page has evolved into a platform where potato knowledge is shared between Kenyan farmers, connections between farmers and off-takers are supported, and value chain developments are shared.

From the very beginning, they have been aware that they should take the lead in supporting Kenyan potato farmers to collaborate and share potato knowledge in the most efficient manner. Taken the large number of Kenyan potato farmers – some 800,000 – they were aware of their physical limitations.

That was the reason they were convinced they also needed to use modern digital means in order to communicate efficiently. Taken the high use of mobile phones in Kenya and the popularity of Facebook in their target market, they decided to create Agrico PSA’s Facebook page.

In the beginning, they mainly used it as a means to inform potato farmers on their value chain developments. Later, their Facebook page was also used to provide updates on their various potato trainings. Almost automatically, farmers started to use it as a means to ask them practical potato farming questions, which they then answered.

That made them decide to also use their Facebook page as a means to distribute their potato training videos to farmers. This way they enabled them to find all the answers to the question they may have and / or to see the specific training video as much as they would like.

Coincidentally, this decision also enabled them to keep on educating Kenyan potato farmers during the COVID-19 period, with all its travel and physical contact limitations. In addition to knowledge transfer, they also started to use their Facebook page as a platform where farmers and off-takers are able to establish direct connections between themselves.

Over the years, the popularity of their Facebook page kept on growing rapidly. Hence, they felt the need to create a social media team that is doing its perfect to follow up on the numerous questions and remarks posed. You can imagine that with their milestone of 50,000 followers, it is quite a challenge to facilitate the questions from all these Kenyan potato farmers!