Greenhouses for potato cultivation by Contagri in Aznalcázar (Seville).
februari 28, 2024

Spain: greenhouse potato production in scale

A company in southern Spain specializes in greenhouse potato production to supply its clients outside of the regular season.
Oficina de Imagen Institucional de la GRALL.
februari 26, 2024

Perú: técnicas de fertilización para pequeños productores

Jornada de capacitación sobre técnicas de fertilización para productores de papa en la provincia de Otuzco.
Q-Potato Holland Team
februari 21, 2024

Small seed potato crop results in historically high prices

Seed potato acreage is shrinking in the Netherlands, Germany, and France.
Agrico Rebuilding Potato Ukraine
februari 20, 2024

Agrico: Rebuilding Potato Ukraine

Agrico's project 'Rebuilding Potato Ukraine' is funded by the Ukraine Partnership Facility (UPF), a program from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency commissioned by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
México: comienza la cosecha en Sonora del sur
februari 14, 2024

México: comienza la cosecha en Sonora del sur

Comienza la cosecha en el sur del Valle del Yaqui, la actividad aumenta pero se espera que para marzo el trabajo llegue a su máximo.
José González, consejero de Medio Rural de la Xunta de Galicia
februari 14, 2024

España: Galicia apuesta por la producción de patatas

Entrevista a un exponente del medio rural en Galicia, España. La apuesta de la región por la patata es grande.
España: nueva logica de fertilización
februari 14, 2024

España: nueva logica de fertilización

El pacto verde complejiza el cultivo de patatas en Europa debido a las restricciones en el uso de fertilizantes. España debe adaptarse para sobrevivir.
Simplot's Portage la Prairie Plant
februari 13, 2024

Simplot Fertilizer and Potato Processing Plants Recognized for Energy Efficiency

A sustainable business. A healthy planet. A responsibility to all. Purposeful actions that benefit our world and the bottom line ensure successful operations at Simplot now and well into the future.
Pakistan-Korea join hands to boost potato seed production in Pakistan
februari 11, 2024

South Korea assists Pakistan to boost its local seed potato production

PR&P, PARC, Pakistan and the Republic of Korea are collaborating on Technical Cooperation Projects (TCP), notably focusing on seed potato production
Potato Statistics NEPG countries (Excluding Seed and Starch potatoes)
februari 06, 2024

Growing potatoes is never a smooth ride!

In season 2023, potato growers in North-western Europe were confronted with difficult weather conditions, a high disease pressure and rising costs.
Digging of Potatoes as part of harvest process
januari 31, 2024

Potato harvest has started in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate, Iraq, under the supervision of BEPPCO

The agricultural lands of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate, Iraq witnessed the commencement of the harvest season on January 2, 2024.
Netherlands: weather made the potato harvest very difficult
januari 29, 2024

Weather in the Netherlands made the potato harvest very difficult

In the Netherlands, the weather affected the potato harvest and raises many questions about the future of production in the country.

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Scientists make groundbreaking discovery that could secure our food supply using technology
januari 27, 2024

Groundbreaking discovery could slash carbon footprint of fertilizer

Scientists have developed a more planet-friendly way to produce fertilizer, which is an essential component of global food systems.
Working in the lab, Northwestern alumnus Bill Yen buries the fuel cell in soil.
januari 26, 2024

This dirt-powered fuel cell can become a perfect power supply for agricultural sensors

A Northwestern University-led team of researchers has developed a new fuel cell that harvests energy from microbes living in dirt.
New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain - Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD S V Agri
januari 25, 2024

Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD SV Agri: 'New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain'

SV Agri organized its Annual Variety and Seed Farm Show from January 8th to 10th, featuring the display of 14 new potato varieties.
España: No hay semilla para todos
januari 22, 2024

España: No hay semilla para todos

Disponibilidad de semilla para España se verá afectada en por lo menos un 20%. No hay semilla para todos.
Producción de papa. (Cortesía: Gentileza)
januari 19, 2024

Paraguay: aumenta la producción nacional y las expectativas a futuro

La producción de papa crece en Paraguay ofreciendo buena rentabilidad e incentivos para el cultivo nacional.
España: optimismo con respecto a la siembra de patatas en el sur
januari 19, 2024

España: optimismo con respecto a la siembra de patatas en el sur

En el sur de España se mantiene el optimismo con respecto a la siembra de patata a pesar de aumentos en los costos e incertidumbre con respecto a la disponibilidad de semilla.


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