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  • From ocean to potato fields: Seaweed biostimulant Algifol to make waves at British Potato Show
Seaweed biostimulant Algifol to Debut at British Potato 2023
Seaweed biostimulant Algifol to Debut at British Potato 2023
augustus 16, 2023
A biostimulant brand that is increasingly popular with potato growers will make its debut at this year’s British Potato show in Harrogate. Algifol, which is a seaweed-based biostimulant, will be on stand 123A in Hall 1 at the November event.

Introduced to the UK by Marcus Palmer of MJP Supplies, Algifol has been proven to help potatoes establish stronger root structures, improve their disease resistance and ability to withstand extreme hot and cold weather.

Algifol is made from brown algae by Neomed Pharma which gathers the seaweed from the ocean, dries and refines it through special processes to maximise its wealth of natural trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, polyuronides and growth-regulating plant hormones. Visitors to British Potato will also be the first to hear the results of several field trials that have been undertaken this year.
Marcus Palmer, Who the Owner of MJP Supplies Introducing Algifol to the UK.

Marcus Palmer, Who the Owner of MJP Supplies Introducing Algifol to the UK.

Marcus Palmer, owner of MJP Supplies:
"Over the last couple of years, we have seen our sales increase dramatically, the sharp rise in the cost of fertilisers, interest in using natural products and recommendations from customers have all played their part in increasing our turnover."

"Based on our recent sales we’ve decided to reinvest some of the profit into shows and events as we look to continue our growth. As many of our customers are applying Algifol to potatoes, it makes sense to exhibit at British Potato."
Ryan Wrisdale, A potato grower of Louth Potato Company:
"Algifol has an incredibly positive impact on our potatoes. We have faced many weather-related challenges in the last three years, such as torrential rain and droughts. The growing conditions have been both hard and worrying."

"By applying Algifol, especially throughout the droughts, we have kept the plant green, healthy and alive and pushed it to move forward. Although it’s an extra cost, we’ve factored it into our gross margin, and it is beneficial as it increases yields and produces a quality product at the end of the day."
Applied by knapsack, trailed or mounted sprayers or planes, Algifol is used worldwide on various crops, including bananas, grapes, tea, potatoes and cereals. In the UK, most of Marcus’ customers are growing potatoes, oilseed rape and sugar beet, with NeoMed-Pharma recommending four applications of one litre of Algifol diluted at a ratio of up to 1:1,000.