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Bernina is a salad variety with high yield, long oval tuber shape and smooth skin. The Bernina is one of the mid-season potato varieties of German selection, distinguished by its high productivity. It has an oblong tuber shape and smooth skin.

Bernina potatoes, unlike other varieties, are resistant to disease, pests and overcooking. The yield of our seed potatoes is on average 50-60 tons per hectare, depending on the sowing scheme and fertilization system.
  • deep yellow flesh colour
  • longoval tuber shape
  • large sized marketable yield
  • Low-Input variety

Variety Characteristics
  • Maturity: medium early
  • Cooking type: A - B
  • Consumption quality: firm cooking; very stable, very low discolouration after cooking, good peeling ability
  • Yield: very high tuber yield with high marketable share; large growing tubers
  • Youth development: rapid
  • Dormancy: good dormancy

Tuber Characteristics
  • Tuber shape: longoval
  • Eye depth: very shallow - shallow
  • Flesh colour: deep yellow
  • Skin colour: yellow
  • Skin: smooth
  • Number of tubers: high

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