Variety Name: CherieRights Holder | Breeder: GERMICOPA SACountry of Origin: France FrankrijkYear of of introduction: 1997Parentage: ROSEVAL

Cherie is a red skin potato variety showing remarkable qualities of presentation thanks to its perfect skin finish. Very early variety. High yielding, very regular and uniform tubers. Quality at storage is one of its strongest assets.

The Cherie potato is quite small in size but rich in flavour. The Cherie potato is a so-called waxy variety and is often slightly sweeter than normal potatoes. The skin is red and edible.

Plant & Tuber

  • Foliage maturity: Early
  • Emergence: Fairly fast
  • Plant vigour: Fairly high
  • Skin colour: Red
  • Flesh colour: Pale yellow
  • Tuber shape: Long oval
  • Shape uniformity: Good
  • Eye depth: Very shallow
  • Tuber size: Small
  • Tuber set: High

  • Yield: Fairly high
  • Dry matter content: Fairly high (20-22%)
  • Cooking type: A
  • Disintegration: None
  • After cooking darkening: Very slight
  • Frying colour at harvest: Good
  • Storage ability: High

  • Resistance to foliage late blight: Low
  • Resistance to tuber late blight: Fairly high
  • Resistance to pitted common scab: Fairly high
  • Resistance to netted common scab: High
  • Resistance to pvy: Moderate
  • Resistance to pvyntn: Exceptional
  • Resistance to pcn g.rostochiensis (ro1-4): Full
  • Resistance to pcn g.pallida (pa2-3): Null
  • Resistance to wart pathovar 1: Full


  • Dormancy: Long
  • Resistance to external damage: Moderate
  • Resistance to internal damage: High
  • Resistance to internal rust spot: High
  • Resistance to desprouting: Fairly high

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