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Production Characteristics
  • Maturity: Early
  • Yield: Medium (250 to 350 cwt/a, marketable). Sensitive to low pH. Few pickouts
  • Tuber set: Medium, set deep in the hill on short stolons which separate easily at early harvest dates
  • Nitrogen: 160-180 lb/a (mineral soils); 100 lb/a (muck)
  • Specific gravity: 1.078 to 1.081
  • Diseases: Resistant to net necrosis, pink rot and common scab. Susceptible to golden nematode Ro1, blackleg, fusarium, PVLR, PVX, PVY, verticilium wilt, pressure bruise, late blight, early blight, CPB
  • Storage: Stores well, even though it has a short dormancy
  • Market: Originally bred for chipping, it has found traction in the fresh market as an early season round white as well as chipstock out of storage
  • Advantages: Moderately high yield potential with minimum losses to skinning during harvesting and grading. Tubers size early with few internal defects. Can be grown in the South where it tolerates moderate temperatures if planted early

Physical Characteristics
  • Plant
    • Habit/canopy: Medium-sized plants with erect to spreading habit
    • Medium plants: Erect to spreading vines
    • Inflorescences: Pale lilac flowers with white tips and stripes extending to the center; sets open-pollinated fruit, i.e. seed balls
    • Leaves: Dull yellowish green, open, small
  • Tubers
    • Shape: Round to oval to oblong; smooth shaped; uniform size
    • Eyes: Medium shallow, evenly distributed
    • Skin color/texture: Buff color, smooth to slightly flaked texture
    • Flesh: White with no secondary colors
Culinary Characteristics
  • Taste/flavor: Good.
  • Texture after cooking: Fairly firm, dry, may slough after boiling. Moderately dry when baked
  • Uses: Excellent mashed, baked and chipped. Some consider Superior a standard for baked potatoes. Also good scalloped, steamed, fried, roasted.
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