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This a Notification

PotatoPro Notification, pops up in the right bottom corner of your browser screen

PotatoPro Notifications are pop-ups in the right bottom corner of your browser.

You can get them as often as every 15 minutes, if we have been really busy ;-)

Subscribing and unsubscribing from notifications is entirely controlled by your OWN browser.
Here is how:
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This a Newsletter

PotatoPro Newsletter, is sent to you by email.

PotatoPro Newsletters are sent to you by email and typically there should not be more than one per day or one per week (depending on what you signed up for).

To start receiving PotatoPro Newsletters sign up below:
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How to unsubscribe from the PotatoPro Newsletters

All our newsletters have at the very bottom two links, one to Update subscription preferences and another to Unsubscribe from ALL PotatoPro newsletters.

Unsubscribe links at the very bottom of each PotatoPro Newletter.
Before unsubscribing, make sure the subscription email is yours: you might accidentally unsubscribe a colleague who forwarded you our newsletter.

Before unsubscribing, make sure the subscription email is yours: you might accidentally unsubscribe a colleague who forwarded you the newsletter.

We STRONGLY suggest to use Update subscription preferences. It will require you to login and you can just uncheck 'Subscribe' below 'Subscribe to Weekly Newsletter'. If you ever want to resubscribe, you can just put the checkmark back and you are good to go.

Clicking Unsubscribe from ALL PotatoPro newsletters does exactly that: It will IMMEDIATELY unsubscribe you from ALL PotatoPro Newsletters - no questions asked.

If you use this method a special procedure is required if you ever decide to resubscribe.

No unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email?
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I no longer receive PotatoPro Newsletters. Did you remove me from your list?

Yes, that is possible. Not because we don't like you ;) but we apply several automated routines that may have removed you, e.g. if your email address is not accessible because your mailbox is full for a longer time and in several other similar situations.

Or maybe someone you forwarded a newsletter to unsubscribed directly from the newsletter or marked it as spam.

In all situations, the solution is to resubscribe using the method described below.

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I accidentally unsubscribed and now I don't seem to be able to resubscribe. Can you resubscribe me?

No, we can not do it for you, as we can not resubscribe someone who has unsubscribed - a spam prevention method implemented in our systems.

You have to do it yourself and you MUST use this special resubscribe form:
  Please note that once you resubscribed yourself, this may not be immediately visible on your user page.

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