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Elea - SmoothCut
Elea PEF Advantage Belt systems bring fantastic product and process benefits for potato and vegetable process lines.
Elea PEFPilot Dual trial system
Elea offers a trial batch system capable of treating solids and liquids for scientific and pilot scale applications with up to 10 L treatment volume.
Elea PEF Advantage B 1 and B 1 mini
The compact, all-in-one, affordable, flexible Pulsed Electric Field solution for businesses looking for output up to 6 t/h.
Elea PEF Advantage B 1000-850 system
The PEF Advantage B 1000-850 was developed for production runs of up to 100 t/h. With a higher throughput and more capacity, the machine comes in a more compact design, and includes all the usual safety features.


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