B.E.P.P CO sets up a foundation to produce the best sort of potato chips in Iraq, as well as a future plan for a number of production lines in the same field.

Ali Shaihani Group of Industries

Ali Shaihani Group is the pioneer in Oman’s food and beverage industry. The company was established in the year 1979 and offers range of chips and snacks globally.


B.E.P.P CO sets up a foundation to produce the best sort of potato chips in Iraq, as well as a future plan for a number of production lines in the same field.

Bite Brands, LLC

Bite Brands, LLC is a snack food manufacturer with production facilities in Atlanta, GA, Syracuse, NY, and Parkersburg, WV. The company manufactures potato chips, kettle chips, tortilla chips, tortillas, and pellet snacks.

Calbee Foods Co. (UK)

Calbee Group UK is a growing manufacturer of crisps and snacks. The company demonstrated noteworthy organic growth, marked by the strategic acquisition of Seabrook Crisps based in Bradford. Known for their rich history in producing flavorful snacks, Seabrook Crisps has contributed to the group's strengthened market position.

Ceeta Industries Ltd.

Ceeta Group created a vision of expanding its business into the food industry with Skitos in 2020.

Crown Flakes

Crown Flakes Private Limited is producer and seller of dehydrated potatoes. The company manufactures potato flakes and potato flour separately, as well as in unique combinations, based on specifics received from individual customers.

De la Tierra

De la Tierra is a Uruguayan based company dedicated to the processing of potato and other vegetables for snacks. They offer healthy and natural foods at affordable prices so that they can be consumed by anyone interested in improving their dietary habits.

Europe Snacks

Europe Snacks is a key player in the French private label savoury snacks market and the leading own-label stacked chips manufacturer.


Founded 15 years ago, with industrial processing of snacks, FRITOP has been growing over the years through partnerships and quality of its products.

Fritos Sevilla

Fritos Sevilla is a Spanish Potato chips and snacks Manufacturer. Fritos Sevilla has a productive capacity of over one million kilos and four million bags in a wide range of chip and snack products.


Frylo is a flagship brand of The Chhajed Group, catering potato and cereal-based ready-to-eat and ready-to-fry snacks. It is made from European dehydrated potatoes.

Hal’s New York

Hal’s New York is producer if chips and snacks. The company represents the right amount of flavor for New Yorker's distinct culture. Hal’s New York Kettle Chips launches with 9 flavors.

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INTERSEB SHPK is a company in the market that produces chips from fresh potatoes. The company sells chips with the brand name "MY CHIPS."


Kitos is a chips nrand of Sunder Biscuits Industry

Light Food Company

Light food company a well-known company located in Kuwait, specialized in producing potato chips and pellets. They produce a regular chips under the name of Mickey snax and this chips is in a sizes between 45 mm to 65mm.

Lister’s Crisps

Lister’s crisps company is started at a family farm in Yorkshire. They offers best tasting hand cooked crisps in various flavours. Their range of flavours in crisps include Sea Salted, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Sweet Chilli,Cheddar Cheese & Onion,Steak & Ale etc.

Luke's Organic

Luke's Organic 100% USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO AND gluten-free salty snacks.

Manolo Snacks

Manolo has being producing potato chips in Uruguay for over 30 years. As manufacturers and distributors of snack foods, they offers chips and potato products made with excellent quality ingredients, so that consumers can enjoy them with family and friends.


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